Mobiflight 10.0

Update to Mobiflight version 10

Read this short text before you start updating, please.

Mobiflight recently presented its new version 10 of the application, with a lot of very interesting new features that greatly expand the capabilities of this great platform.

You should know that when updating the version you will lose the module configuration, but it is not very difficult to reload the module into your MCDU. For all those who do not know what the module is, clarify that the module is the file in which all the physical connections that the MCDU has are defined, in which pin of the processor the FM1 LED is connected, or in which physical pin of the processor it is the panel backlight is on. As it is a purely physical aspect, this means that it is physically welded to that point, none of this will change over time, but if Mobiflight grows, adds new functions and improves the programming code to be more efficient, the way to call those physical connections, from a software point of view will probably change as well, this is the reason why we will lose the module when updating the Mobiflight version. In the Downloadssection you have the module file updated to the new needs of firmware 2.5.

On the other hand, if you have customized the configuration of A320FBW or A320Fenix, don’t worry, your files will be fully compatible with the new version of Mobiflight. We can summarize that, by adapting the module, the previous files are compatible with the new versions. All this is possible because Mobiflight is a solid application that has a team of programmers behind it, who, in addition to being enthusiastic, are really efficient and ensure that users have very little work to do when changing versions.

For you, the users of our MCDU, there are two possible scenarios.

The first scenario would be that of users who make their own configurations, who customize or adapt our product to their liking to improve their user experience.

The second scenario is that of users who prefer not to put their fingers in this matter, either due to lack of time, or because they prefer not to get too entangled in these matters and enjoy using the MCDU as we deliver it to them.

Both scenarios are supported in Mobiflight version 10 Undoubtedly, users who fall within the first scenario will be more eager to be able to use version 10. Users in the second scenario will be able to enjoy exactly the same as before without updating, and they will not be missing anything.

In any case, whether you are in the first or second scenario, you should know that you can update to version 1 of Mobiflight, but when the application on your computer is updated, you will also need to update the MCDU firmware. This update will be done automatically in most cases, although Mobiflight will notify you that the update will occur. In case your firmware is not updated automatically, you can update it manually within the “Module” window in Mobiflight. The only thing you need to know, in case the application asks you, is that MCDU is based on the Arduino MEGA 2560 open platform.

When updating the firmware you will lose the Module configuration, but you can download the configurations from our website in theDownloads

secton. Actually in the configuration of the module there is no difference between the version for firmware 2,4,1 and 2.5. However, you have links to access from one version to the other.